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Technology for Property Services

GMS continually embrace new technological advancements for the ultimate benefit of our customers.
For your piece of mind and as proof of the quality and reliability of our service our inspectors are monitored and recorded using the most up-to-date technology.

Near Field Communications (NFC) is one such development, which has evolved to enable efficient management of field operation staff, accelerate lines of communication and therefore facilitate real time reporting.

The Application

NFC operates by a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag being activated by a RFID integrated mobile phone; therefore communication immediately becomes a two-way transaction. This is where the real time reporting really comes into its own as any pressing instructions or requirements can be reported directly to our onsite field inspector and vice versa to our head office.

This also means that the outbound inspector and their exact movements, reporting and associated location can be accurately monitored for the below benefits:
  • Validate proof of attendance
  • Full management reporting
  • Record time on site accurately for invoicing purposes
  • Record all issues in relation to the property i.e. compliance / non-compliance, meter readings etc.
  • Upload photos of any non-compliance issues.
Due to their discreet size and relative cost effectiveness the RFID tags have numerous uses in a vast range of situations. Being a web based product, this allows third parties, whether these be insurance companies/brokers, customers to access information online about their property, further illustrating the systems value added properties.  
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